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Vastu for a South-Facing House: Benefits and remedies.

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To ensure happiness and abundance in our lives, it is believed that considering Vastu while purchasing or constructing a house can have a positive influence on the inhabitants.

However, there are certain myths surrounding south-facing houses that can make potential buyers skeptical. In this post, we will discuss the topic to gain a better understanding of Vastu and how it can help in making informed decisions.

How to Determine the Direction of Your House

To find out the direction your house faces, use a compass to determine the direction you face when stepping out of your house. This direction corresponds to the direction of your house.

Is a South-Facing House Auspicious?

The auspiciousness of a house is said to be determined by its direction, which is influenced by elements (Air, Fire, Earth, and Water) and different deities according to Vastu beliefs. The south direction is governed by "Yama", which is why it is considered unlucky by many. However, every direction has its own pros and cons. By using appropriate Vastu remedies, the negative aspects of a south-facing house can be improved upon.

Different house directions also affect people based on their professions and astrological signs. According to astrology, a south-facing house is considered good for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn individuals.

Additionally, it is considered suitable for business owners, property dealers, creative professionals such as actors and musicians, people in judiciary services, surgeons, and nurses.

It is commonly believed that a house facing towards the South has the power to attract abundance and prosperity. In addition, such a house generally receives ample sunlight and warmth throughout the day, which greatly benefits its residents. Furthermore, it is thought to offer excellent ventilation and a feeling of stability.

Tips and Remedies for South-Facing House Plans According to Vastu

Main Door

Place the main door in the center or southeast direction. Ensure that it is the largest door to allow good energy flow inside and direct negative energy outside. It is recommended to have the door open clockwise for optimal results.

Pooja Ghar (Prayer Room)

In general, northeast is considered good for a prayer room, but for south-facing houses, the prayer room can be placed in the east or west directions. However, ensure that no wall of the prayer room is adjacent to a toilet or dumpster.


The best directions for the staircase in a south-facing house are south, southwest, and west. Leave the space beneath the staircase open to allow for smooth energy flow.


Place the master bedroom in the southwest direction and the guest room in the northwest direction. The living room can be placed in the north or east direction.


For a south-facing house, the ideal locations for the kitchen are southeast, south, northwest, and west in that order. It is recommended to cook while facing east for optimal results.

Septic Tank and Toilet

The septic tank and toilet should be placed in the west of northwest (WNW) and south of southwest (SSW) directions. Avoid placing toilets under staircases or next to main entrances.

By following these basic tips and remedies for a south-facing house according to Vastu, you can confidently make decisions without hesitation and ensure that your house works best in your favor.