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5 types of kitchen baskets that can help organise your modular kitchen

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Modular kitchens give a modern touch to your home with trendy and futuristic designs. With various modular kitchen basket types, you can utilise kitchen space in an optimum manner. These essential components of a modular kitchen come in various sizes, materials, and according to the home requirements.

Here is the list of five kitchen baskets that proves handy for storing kitchen items without consuming much space.

Plain Steel Baskets

Simplest and must with almost all modular kitchens, plain steel baskets generally come in a rectangular shape. These are made of steel and can be utilised for myriad kitchen purposes. You can store and place multiple kitchen items.

Plain steel baskets are available in multiple widths and heights. You can choose according to modular kitchen needs.

These are comparatively cheaper than other modular kitchen basket types in the market.

Price Range: INR 1000 to 3000

Thali Baskets

Thali is an essential item in every Indian household. We keep thalis/plates of different sizes and for multiple purposes.

Thali basket serves the requirement of Indian homes aptly. These are useful for placing thalis or plates without worrying about falling or taking too much space. You can choose according to your requirements from multiple sizes and materials available in the market. In addition, these are not very costly and easily fits your budget.

Price Range: INR 2000 to 4000

Cutlery Basket

Cutlery items such as spoons, forks, knives etc., are often tough to manage. Cutlery basket takes care of that situation with a perforated sheet at the base of the basket. The sheet stops forks and knives from falling. Again, these baskets too available in different forms, sizes, and materials. You can browse e-commerce sites or at a physical store and buy the basket according to the modular kitchen requirement.

Price Range: INR 1000 to 2500

Under Sink Basket

Often missed, but the crucial part of the kitchen is the cleaning area. The sink and surrounding area become messy with soaps, detergents etc. Your modular kitchen needs under sink basket to handle such a messy situation. 

The under-sink basket comes with different compartments and space to keep soaps, detergents, scrubs, pads etc. Your kitchen remains clean and tidy. In addition, it is easier to access cleaning items with separate compartments without worrying about mixed baskets with miscellaneous items.

Price Range: INR 2000 to 3000

Corner Baskets

Do you have extra corner space and wondering what to do with it?

Bring corner baskets to optimise empty corner spaces in the modular kitchen. These baskets can store a lot of your kitchen stuff.

These baskets are made in such a way that you can easily open and stack the storing platforms in the corner. These are comparatively sophisticated baskets and come at a higher price range. You can browse and compare prices suitable for your budget.


We have shortlisted five most common baskets for your modular kitchen here. You can browse several other types of baskets such as dish draining basket, bin basket, bottle baskets, cup saucer baskets, etc., and customise kitchen area according to your preference.

We hope this post will help you plan your modular kitchen in a better way. For more information, consult our interior design expert and design your dream modular kitchen.