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Architect Vs. Interior Designer: Who Do You Need to Design Your Home?

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Architects and interior designers are professionals who design your home and make it aesthetically appealing. People often get confused about whom to call to design their homes. The information available on the web can be tiresome and further confusing.

So, to cut the clutter, we will explain both and let you decide who you should consult for home/building design.

Interior Designing vs Architecture

We will start with the Architect and continue with the Interior Designer, their scope of work, and more.


An Architect designs the exterior of homes and buildings. They supervise the construction as per the design and reviews it periodically. They should be good with problem-solving skills, analytical skills and ensure the structure as per the design strictly.

Scope of work for an Architect

  • Prepare a plan after discussion with the client/s and requirements
  • Propose a project budget and supervise the project
  • Ensure work according to the rules and regulations related to the construction
  • On-site visit for inspection and timely hand-over of the project

Interior Designer

Interior Designers decorate the interiors of the home/building. They create aesthetically appealing modular kitchens, bedrooms, and other parts of the property. They also consider Vastu and other positive energy factors.

Furthermore, they also provide valuable input regarding furniture, color patterns, walls, materials, etc. 

Scope of Work

  • Understanding clients’ tastes and preferences is a crucial part of interior designing.
  • An Interior Designer prepares a plan and design after detailed discussion with the client.
  • The budget proposal and source material along with labors including carpenters and installers
  • Focus on modular kitchen layout, furniture, design, color etc., to give a lively and creative appeal to the entire household or property.
  • Maintain scope for improvements and renovations according to future requirements.


Difference between the scope of work of Interior Designing vs Architecture

  • The architecture covers design and hand-over the entire house or building. Interior Designing enhances the interior of the property. They work on look and appeal according to the client’s taste and preference.
  • The architect is trained to design and complete the structure as per the rules, regulations, and measurements. Whereas, an Interior Designer is a professional working on the creative part to make the home more appealing, mostly aesthetically.
  • Interior Designer design according to taste and preference. Architect deals with technical aspects such as materials, design, the layout of the property, direction, and many more.
  • You need both for a new property or complete renovation. The architect will design exteriors and the Interior Designer will plan interiors. If you need to design only interiors for the existing property, you will require an interior designer. If there is an empty plot, you require an architect to design from scratch.
  • Charges of Architect and Interior Designer depends upon the client’s requirement and property. It could be a percentage of the project or a budget prepared by the individual professional.


We hope the comparison of Interior Designing vs Architecture will help in making the final decision. Whatever be your decision, it is always advisable to consult only professionals to design your interior and exterior of the home/property/apartment. They convert your place of residence into a beautiful memento of precious moments with loved ones.

You can also check online services to take expert consultation for architecture and interior designing projects.